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Nowadays having an AC in your vehicle is pretty much a must. It is almost impossible to travel in your car during hot weeks of summer without conditioning, especially if you have kids or animals that you take along for a ride.

Signs of faulty air conditioning in your car

Auto air conditioners are quite different and much smaller than the ones we usually use at our homes or see in offices. Car has 2 parts to it – upper and lower. Air compressor is located at the upper part and acts as a pump which moves refrigerant through the system. Control valve is located in the lower part and controls the movement of the refrigerant and also helps to lower its temperature and pressure.

Car AC works similar to your kitchen refrigerator and has a mechanic parts that consist of a lot of small details. Hot air is taken from the engine compartment and the cooled down air is pumped into the cabin. This helps to maintain low temperature inside your vehicle.

Often you will notice that AC stops working, or the air that its pumping is not as cold as it used to be. That usually means that the air conditioner needs a repair. Most common case is the refrigerant leak, which can be repaired by sealing the AC lines and then recharging your system with a new batch of refrigerant. If the AC doesn’t turn on at all, that might mean either a dead fuse, or the fact that the air compressor needs to be replaced. You can also visually check to make sure all the belts and lines of your system are properly functioning because they can be a cause of a faulty AC as well.

Even though it is possible to repair car AC by yourself, it is recommended that you bring your car to a certified mechanic who has all the right tools and can usually spot the issue very quickly.