“This is the best Mechanic in San Antonio tha I have ever used, after getting ripped off by these backyard wannabe Mechanics I found Mobile Mechanic Pros on Craigs List. After making an appointment for him to come and have a look at my Range Rover at 9.00am he was there at 8.45am ! This was the first sign that I had finally found someone reliable. After checking over my truck he came to me with a list of faults that were the main reason I was having trouble. I thought it was something else but he was 100% correct in his diagnosis. I have highly recommended him to my friends and work colleagues, in fact my closest friends have been using him for both of their vehicles and they ‘love him’ . If you need a good honest Mechanic who really knows his stuff call Steve. I will keep on recommending him to everyone I know and thats no B.S. He also gives you a computer readout /printed receipt for all the work he does and warranties all of his work.  I am so confident that he will look after you that if he does you wrong I will pay for it . Email me at nortiz8389@aol.com if you ever have any issue with this Mechanic.  Thanks Steve.”   Nelson O

“My name is Anthony and I own an 85 Mercury Grand Marquis. I am the only owner of this car and it has many sentimental memories so it’s not just a car to me.

A year ago I was told by a shop that I needed needed a new engine. After having issues with the shop that did the work ,long story short it was a  horrible installation . After searching around I could not find a mechanic that wanted to touch that old of a vehicle. Until I found Steve, (he of course works on new vehicles as well)  he is a car enthusiast and he jumped at the chance. He has literally  breathed new life into my vehicle. Due to the poor work carried out by the shop who installed the new engine we have had to change many electrical, engine, fuel and parts in general. He has had to do research and respond to my emergency shutdowns , some at very short notice.

My baby now is literally two mpg from her original factory specs and runs great. I only have one mechanic now and it’s Steve!

Reasonable prices, emergency help, great work and service. Do your car a favor and call Steve! ”

Anthony P


At last I have found a mechanic I can trust to do the job right the first time and not rip me off. Steve is polite, efficient and very knowledgeable and always has the time to explain the problem and what needs to be done to fix it. He worked on my BMW and saved me a heap of money , it was a pleasure to meet someone who actually enjoys his work ! 10 out of 10 for this mechanic. Thank you Steve.”

John C

Mobile Auto Diagnostics are excellent !  I had steve come out to check my truck because i was ripped off by a scum bag!! He took his time, he showed me everything to prove that my engine was never in the slightest way even touched by this scum bag!! He was very very good he knew what he was talking about, he knew what he was doing!! I promise from here on out anytime i need a repair he will be my main guy!!! I urge you to give him a call or send him an email!! please I highly recommend him!! ”

Dorothy P