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FUEL SMELL: (Question) how important is fixing fuel odors in or around the car?

Answer: fuel leaks or odors can be very dangerous and the vehicle should be checked out immediately. If fuel can be seen it should be towed. Gasoline can burn or explode like a boom!

CHECK ENGINE LIGHT: (Question) why does the check engine light come on and how important is it?

Answer: The check engine light mainly indicates an emission (various gases) system problem. Many vehicles have the light on. It is good to get it checked by an honest repair facility and have any important issues fixed. Some shops and auto stores will check them for free. If the light is flashing it should be checked immediately because damage to the catalytic convertor or transmission (Fords) can be damaged.

VEHICLE MAINTENANCE: (Question) why should I do vehicle maintenance?

Answer: preventative maintenance on a vehicle is very important to reduce the operating costs of it. Most people change their oil regularly but neglect other items which are just as important. Transmission services and coolant flushes are just a few things that will save consumers a good chunk of money over the long haul. That along with regular inspections would save many people from unneeded break downs and costly road service.

SAFETY INSPECTION: (Question) do free safety inspections help anyone other than the shop doing the work?

Answer: if you go to an honest shop, they will prioritize the thing they find wrong with your vehicle and show you what they are talking about. At Art’s Auto repair we show what is wrong and suggest which (if any) parts need replaced for safety and what can be held off until they save up the money for it. We don’t try to scare or force customers into doing the work for any reason, because we have a very high code of ethics.

WINTERIZING: (Question) is it important to get my vehicle winterized or is it just another shop money maker?

Answer: it is good to get your vehicle ready for the winter because: a) your block can crack or blow out your freeze-out if there is too much water in the coolant system. A good mixture is 50/50 (half and half) of water and coolant. Batteries, cables, starters and belts should also be tested to save you from the winter-time no starts.

OIL LIGHT OR GAUGE: (Question) what should I do if the oil light comes on or the oil pressure gauge reads real low?

Answer: shut the vehicle off and check the oil level. If it is not on the stick engine damage will occur (can destroy the engine). The same thing is true for a low oil gauge. It is better to tow your vehicle versed destroying your engine. One tell-tale sign of doing damage with low oil pressure is engine noise.

OVERHEATING: (Question) what can I do if my vehicle overheats while I’m driving?

Answer: the first thing is safely pull over off the road because this can also do engine damage. Never remove a radiator with a hot engine because you can get badly burned. It is always good to carry water and antifreeze in your vehicle. Note: removing the radiator cap can burn you. Low coolant is the first thing to check. Missing belts or dad leak is next. You can put the heater on max heat to help cool down the engine when the engine is running. Always seek professional help when doing automotive repairs or self-help fixes.

TRANSMISSION SERVICE: (Question) should I service my transmission?

Answer: yes, at the miles the manufacturer recommends. Art’s Auto Repair has the latest manufacturer recommendations. I always check manufacturers recommendations. Next I look at the fluid and determine if it is discolored. If a driver keeps their transmission full and clean they will save many dollars down the road.

TUNE UP: (Question) Should I tune up my engine?

Answer: yes, by tuning up the engine you may increase the power and gas mileage. Some vehicle have problems with the spark plug threads (some Fords) if they are not replaced when the manufacturer recommends it.

NOTE: If you take care of your car or truck, it will take care of you!