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If you forget to turn off your headlights over the night, you might need to have your battery recharged (if it’s a new one) or replaced. There are things that affect the life of a car battery and these things determine whether you need car battery replacement or not.

What Drains your Battery?

Things that affect the life of a car battery include the electronics of a car, user errors, and age of the battery. Understanding these things will help you know when to ask for car battery replacement services instead of paying for unneeded car repairs.

Car electronics

One of the main reasons why batteries drain is because of faulty electronic connections in your car. It could be caused by your car’s alternator or glow plug that’s drawing a lot of charge from the battery. When this happens, your car battery will be drained fast. Having the battery replaced will not solve the issue.

It’s very important to diagnose the problem on battery drain before having car battery replacement services. If you don’t know how to check your car’s charging and electronics system, you better have it done by a professional.

Old Battery

How many years have you been running your car battery? When a battery is new, it can hold the maximum amount of charge and it can last longer. As it grows old, this amount decreases which affects the drain rate of your battery. To know if your battery is holding enough charge to last for years, have your car battery’s drain rate.

User Error

Sometimes, batteries drain because of human error. When you’ve forgotten to turn off your car’s stereo, headlight, dome light, or signal light, you car’s battery will most like drain faster. Thus, it’s very important to keep the components of your car that uses electricity maintained properly. At the very least, check to make sure that everything’s turned off before leaving your car.